About My SobeREvolution

It started with questioning my drinking... And changed my whole life

Today, I am a different person

My problem with alcohol snuck up on me. I spent most of my young life watching my dad struggle with drinking, swearing it would never happen to me. Watching his struggle even inspired me to study addiction. I mistakenly thought this knowledge meant I would be safe. For many years, alcohol wasn't a problem. I was very aware of the danger, given my background. What I didn't realize is that I was always trying to fill some sort of void or quiet the noise in my mind. And for most of my life, I used food to fill that void and soothe that noise. As a result, I struggled with my weight and self-image all of my teen and young adult life. In my 30's I had weight loss surgery and when I could no longer use food to soothe and numb, I turned to alcohol. When I finally started to question my drinking, I felt I was faced with an impossible choice; admit I was powerless over alcohol, check into rehab and be labeled an alcoholic for the rest of my life OR keep going down the path of ruin I was headed down. Thankfully I found another way...

See more of my story here: https://youtu.be/U5XF6mrOemU

Your SoberRevolution
Your SobeREvolution

My Why

Because of what I learned from my experience and how dangerously close I was to a tragic ending, I feel a strong desire to help others that may be stuck in the same miserable place. I don't want anyone else to suffer; believing there is something wrong with them and leaving them feeling paralyzed. I don't want anyone else to wait until they've hit some arbitrary "rock bottom" before they seek help. We were sold a lie. We became addicted to an addictive substance; plain and simple. Ultimately, I want to help people realize their power and get back to the life they desire and deserve. I want to be part of the change that recognizes that anyone can become addicted to alcohol. It doesn't just affect a "broken" few. I don't want seeking help to mean being labeled or judged. I want it to be encouraged and admired! I want to help people see that cutting back or cutting out alcohol doesn't have to mean a boring life of deprivation. I really want to help people find true joy in their lives again. And, I believe it starts with taking a break from alcohol.

- Jenny Jones


My commitment to you is to provide a safe space to explore your relationship with alcohol. A space free of judgement, expectations or rules. You are the author of this story, I'm simply here to help you ask the right questions.

Are you ready to write the next chapter of your story?